Monday, August 16, 2010

August Dividend Income Report

I've started my new job, I will make a post about it soon, but it is taking up ALL my time.

Dividend Lover NR Portfolio: $13,039.00 $2173 increase
Dividend Lover TSFA Portfolio: $1,887.14  $18.54 increase
Dividend Lover RRSP Portfolio: $10,230.90 $124 increase
Total Yearly Dividend Income: $25,157.04 $2,315.54 increase

The large increase in the Non Registered portfolio was due increasing the leverage in the account.

The increase in the TSFA portfolio was due to 1 month of DRIP.

The increase in the RRSP portfolio was due to 1 month of DRIP.

This brings us to 25.16% of the 100,000 yearly dividend target.


  1. Very impressive dividend earning you have there! I think you'll be able to make it to the 100 000$ dividend one day. It's looking great.

  2. Thanks sunny.

    It's going to slow down from here though :(
    I'm going to leave the main portfolio alone to deleverage.

    I've been working too hard at my new day job lately. I got a sick day today cause I have the flu.

  3. wowee! $25K in dividends annually. That is my dream!

    Congrats- you're at the quarter mark!