Friday, June 14, 2013

The Kings of Dividends, Rental Properties

Owning Rental Property pays.

I have to admit, rental properties has been the real source of my personal wealth and primary means to financial freedom. Despite all the success I've had investing in stocks over the years. Rental Properties has been the hands down central pillar of my wealth.

I was lucky enough to get started in 2003 back then I was a fresh graduate from engineering school, living at home with my parents with literally no expenses. I was save more than 90% of my after tax salary into real estate deals requiring as little up front capital as possible.

I know the margins these days are not as fat. And yes unfortunately everyone is into buying real estate now. So the golden era is over, but there is still some good deals to be had. I'm writing this today as I close my 14th rental building.

Real estate is the cash cow that keeps on giving. The tax breaks, the leverage available to you. The eventual appreciation as fiat money inflates away. The negative real (inflation adjusted) interest rate on the mortgage melts it away. The cash flow that grows with every acquisition. Soon making your highly taxed salary insignificant. It is the ultimate dividend paying investment.