Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Money Working For You

You are a CEO building a Corporation from the ground up. This Corporation is going to fund your retirement, pay for your house, kids, and whatever other comforts life comforts you desire.

The employees of this corporation are hard workers. I would even go as far as to call them slaves. These workers do exactly as you say without any complaints. Do not require a salary, do not require health insurance, can be redeployed to do different jobs no training required, and will outlive you and continue working after you are long gone.

No I'm not talking about Robots. I'm talking about Dollars. Every Dollar you own is an employee in your corporation. You can put him to work doing various tasks, and he will produce more Dollars.

This Corporation once big enough will support and eventually replace your need to produce income through employment.

When you get your pay check and spend all of it. You have sold away some of you employees in return for whatever goods/services you spend normally spend you pay check on. These employees are gone and are now working for someone else.

However if you can retain part of your pay check, you can deploy these employees do work for your corporation and grow your corporation.

Your Money, Your Employees, Your Corporation.

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