Saturday, May 1, 2010

Capitalism is the Evolution of Slavery

This is not a capitalism bashing hippie post. on the contrary I am very much a Capitalist.

In the old days of slavery, The Egyptians had to use whips and chains to make sure workers did their jobs. First you have to capture the slaves somehow, hire supervisors to whip the slaves, you need a place to lock them up so they don't escape and hire guards to make sure they don't turn on you. etc etc, as you can see there is a lot of overhead associated with slavery. so in order to advance we need a more efficient system.

In the new revised system instead of a whip, there is a clock. The alarm clock wakes up the slaves from their beds, the slaves get to work on time. and do not leave until the clock lets them leave.

Instead of the slave driver slaves have their bills and mortgage, slaves work because slaves need money to pay their bills. There is no need to hire someone to whip the slaves.

There is no need for a camp to lock the slaves up, they don't try to escape because they don't even realize they are slaves. There is no place to for the slaves to escape to anyway.

The Egyptian Pharohs would be very impressed with efficiencies achieved with this updated system of slavery.

In a capitalist society it is up to you if you want to become the slave or the master. Build your capital and you become the master, don't and you become a slave.

Which role do you want to play? slave or master.

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