Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June Dividend Income Report

I've been on vacation in Jordan ( the middle east ) for the past two weeks. Surprisingly I have been saving a lot of money simply by not being in Canada. I should go on Vacations more often.

Dividend Lover Non Registered Portfolio: $6944.00 $5288.00 increase

Dividend Lover TSFA Portfolio: $1850.07 $26.49 increase

Dividend Lover RRSP Portfolio: $9810.74 $91.22 increase

Total Yearly Dividend Income before tax: $18604.81 $5405.71 increase

The large increase in the Non Registered portfolio was due more funds invested.
The increase in the TSFA portfolio was due to 2 months of DRIP
The increase in the RRSP is due to new purchases of stock using dividends accumulated in the account. as I have stopped the DRIP. I stopped the DRIP because I intend to use dividend money to start new positions in the portfolio.

This brings us to 18.6% of the 100,000 yearly dividend target. a respectable increase from the last report


  1. Congrats on the modest increase. You're making more money in passive income than someone with a full time, minimum wage salary. How long would it take you to reach your $100K/Year goal, if you were to roughly estimate? 2020 perhaps?

  2. I'm planning to funnel in all my extra cashflow into dividend stocks until January 2012. After that leave it to compound then deleverage. I do not want to set a time limit. the time target is ASAP.

    This is only the stock dividend component of my passive Income, so I beleive I can reach this target faster than 2020 will be too easy :D

    yes it is inspiring when you put it that way. but I always say satisfaction is the tragic end of ambition. when you start patting yourself on the back you loose some of that drive for success.

  3. Hi Dividend Lover- I was in Nepal for six weeks too and found that I was spending way less there than in Vancouver =) We ALL should go travel more often. I always wanted to go to Jordan.. Are you visiting Petra?

  4. I've been to petra before, but not on this trip. Jordan is definately worth the visit.

    you have acient ruins like perta, Roman ruins, and Mideval crusader castles to see. as well as natural wonders like the dead sea.