Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Dividend Income Report

Dividend Lover NR     Portfolio: $19323      $2,770 increase
Dividend Lover RRSP Portfolio: $$10,478   $122    increase
Dividend Lover TSFA Portfolio: $1932.84   $13.81 increase

The increase in the NR portfolio was due to investing new funds into KMP, RCI,

The increase in the TSFA portfolio was due to 1 month of DRIP

The increase in the RRSP portfolio was due to 1 month of DRIP and reinvesting the accumulated change into SRQ.UN to get the drip on it working again.

This brings us to 31.73% of the 100,000 yearly dividend target a 2.9% increase


  1. Impressive! Do you ever sell a position to pick a higher paying dividend investment?

  2. I only sell if the fundamentals have changed. so I rarely sell anything.