Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blogger Introduction

Okay so now that I've completed the Introduction post of this blog I will disclose a limited amount of information about myself.

I am an Engineer with a technology Job. but I do it for the love of it.  let me explain.
I entered the work force in 2003 I worked long and hard with my end goal was to be able to stop working, and live of the fruits of my labour when I turn 30.

Today I am 30 years and 2 months old. I still work. though admittedly not as much as I once did. As I am older and wiser. I came to the realization that I enjoy the drive to work and back ( thank you 407 ) I enjoy going to the gym during the lunch break, and I enjoy programming and problem solving in general. and I enjoy chatting with co workers.

My outlook on work has changed from wanting to retire ASAP. to wanting to work in an environment I enjoy, and to work for the love of work, not for the money though the money still has to be good.

I am a firm believer in moderation. I advocate a strategy of increasing one's income, rather than reducing ones standard of living. which admittedly is more difficult because higher income pays more tax and spending less is spending after tax money. but that is where good tax planning can help you.

my experience in the stock market is extensive. I've been trading for 10 years, watch BNN, I read all the bloomberg articles, any tsx analyst report published by CIBC WM or RBC CM. and I read many finance blogs

I hope to share some of my expertise with my readers, and hopefully provide some useful information and opinions as I build this portfolio.

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  1. Nice intro! You like your job? Lucky you lol:) Being engineering request, I guess, a university degree right? So knowing you might had worked hard to get your skills, its a good thing you enjoy your work. The longer you stay in the workplace, the more money you will have to extend your portfolio and the richer you will be. And who knows what can happen with the stock market. We may live a second market crash with what's going with Greece and the Euro... What do you think? Working is a security, but enjoying working is even better :)