Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book smarts does not equal buisness smarts

I studied Engineering at school and every now and then I meet some of my nerdier class mates for a game of Settlers of Cattan. Last time we met I saw one of the nerds and I found out that he was working at a company that does not compete with my employer doing something my employer is willing to pay a lot for.

My current employer is a start up rich with venture capital and is stock option grant happy. It is also offering a $3,000 referral bonus to encourage employees to refer people they know. When I brought up the prospect of offering him a job with us, my college refused to even listen to my offer. so I assumed that he must be doing even better than I was at his current job.

After we were done our little game, my college was going to put on his back pack and take the bus to the subway to go home to his parents house. At the time my car was in for service and BMW had given my a 128i loaner car. When i offered him a ride in the car the reaction I got was Wow you can afford a car on your salary. that's amazing I wish I could make enough for a car.

Now we are professional engineers turning 30, and he is still living like a student. This guys is one of the smartest people I know. I used to ask him for help when I didn't understand something at engineering school.

However when it comes to business, he is an Idiot.

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