Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Dividend Income Report

This Time around I was on Vacation in Los Angeles. I spent the Canada day long weekend + 1 day off work. unlike my trip to Jordan this time I did spend a lot :( but it was worth it.

They had a store called Nordstrom Rack it is similar to Winners in the US except it is bigger and the discounts are better.

Dividend Lover NR Portfolio: $$10,866.00 $3,922.00 increase
Dividend Lover TSFA Portfolio: $1,868.60 $18.30 increase
Dividend Lover RRSP Portfolio: $10,106.90 $296.16 increase
Total Yearly Dividend Income: $22,841.50 $4,236.69 increase

The large increase in the Non Registered portfolio was due increasing the leverage in the account, as I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities the market is currently presenting.

The increase in the TSFA portfolio was due to 1 month of DRIP.

The increase in the RRSP income came from a 2,000$ contribution, since I got my NOA I was able to put in the correct amout in there, instead of the conservative estimate I put in on Jan 1st. with this 2,000 I've maxed this years contribution at $22,000

This brings us to 22.84% of the 100,000 yearly dividend target. a respectable increase from the last report

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